Mark Dolliver’s Takes: No Worm Like a Bookworm

An Associated Press/Ipsos Public Affairs poll indicates we’re not a post-literate society after all (see chart). Among those who report having read at least one book in the past year, the median number read is a respectable 6.5. When people listed the sorts of books they read, the most mentions went to the Bible or other religious texts (64 percent), with popular fiction and non-fiction history close behind (54 percent apiece).

Drinking, eating, not marrying

• Among those who ever consume alcoholic beverages, 29 percent of men and 16 percent of women admit they sometimes over-indulge. The figure hits 40 percent among men age 18-29. (Gallup)

• Sixty-two percent of consumers say they shop for organic foods at least occasionally. (BIGresearch)

• Though 55 percent of unmarried mothers don’t consider themselves “single,” as they have a partner, 64 percent still wish they were married. (Babytalk)