Mark Dolliver’s Takes: Favoring a D-T-C Moratorium

Proposals are rattling around in Congress to impose a waiting period of two or three years before a new prescription drug can initiate direct-to-consumer ads. TNS Healthcare polling finds significant public support for such a measure. Forty-four percent of adults favor “a moratorium of some length”; just 9 percent oppose it, with the rest unsure either way. Respondents were also asked how much they agree (on a scale of 1 to 5) with some views about prescription-drug ads. Assent was strongest, averaging 3.9, for the statement, “Running advertisements increases the cost of prescription medications.” The score was a tepid 2.5 for “Ads have helped me recognize symptoms for an undiagnosed condition and led me to request treatment.”

Those very inactive investors

Even as brand loyalty ebbs in many sectors, consumers are all too loyal to their investments. Or, they’re too passive to alter investment decisions once having made them. The chart below, reflecting Associated Press/Ipsos Public Affairs data, shows how rare active investors are, compared to inert investors. Savvy financial-service marketers will shape their messages accordingly.