Mark Dolliver: The Youth Card

While focusing on what kids put in their bellies, people concerned about childhood obesity probably pay too little attention to the ideas rattling around in kids’ heads. A survey of 6-18-year-olds by Weekly Reader Research gives insight into the latter. Many kids think their tender age entitles them to be indifferent to healthy eating: 16 percent strongly agreed and 28 percent agreed with the statement, “Diet and nutrition are not things you need to think about when you are young.” Likewise, 32 percent disagreed and 8 percent disagreed strongly that they “pay a lot of attention to the quality and nutritional value of the foods I eat.” At the same time, the chart at left shows a significant number acknowledging that they ought to shed some pounds.

Having a bad hair lifetime?

Forty percent of women say their arms get tired while they’re blow-drying their hair, according to a reader poll by InStyle magazine. This helps explain why 72 percent “dread the whole process.” Sixty-seven percent believe blow-drying is bad for their hair. As luck would have it, fewer than 10 percent said they like their hair to look “flawlessly styled.”