Mark Dolliver: Rich and Unfazed

Thank heaven for the really, really rich. We can count on them to keep spending freely even as the merely affluent start cutting back. In a poll of well-heeled Americans by Elite Traveler magazine and Prince & Associates, 49 percent of respondents with household income be-tween $1 million and $5 million agreed with the statement, “Because of market conditions, I have cut back on discretionary spending.” The same is true for 19 percent of respondents making between $5 million and $10 million. Made of sterner stuff, the $10 million-25 million bracket had just 4 percent who are cutting back; the $25 million-plus class had 2 percent. Five percent of the wealthiest cohort said they’re “extremely concerned about the impact of market volatility on my personal finances,” vs. 76 percent of those pikers in the $1 million-5 million bracket.