A Mark Of Distinction

Lovers of premium bourbon can recognize a bottle of Maker’s Mark a mile away, thanks to the melted red-wax seal on each bottle.
So when the distillery’s agency, Doe-Anderson in Louisville, Ky., was to receive a best of show at this year’s Louie show (the name of Louisville’s Addy program), the client wanted to do something extra. They decided to dip Doe’s trophy in the brand’s signature wax. But the task wasn’t done easily.
As the distillers found out, getting the wax to stick to a bottle neck is a piece of cake compared with making it conform and adhere to an award statue. It took two Maker’s Mark staffers two half-day sessions to complete the job.
“We used all the tricks,” said David Pickerell, vice president of production at the client. “If you didn’t get it just right, the wax would pop off.”
What finally worked: snipping droplets off waxed bottles and applying them with an industrial dryer. –Jim Osterman