Maris Markets Tennis Tourneys

In Mississippi, cannonballs may be more common than tennis balls.

The creative staff at Maris, West & Baker visualizes that notion in a new branding campaign for the Southern Tennis Series.

The Jackson, Miss., shop’s initial effort—a sepia-toned poster— depicts a Civil War-era cannon (a kind of 19th century Pete Sampras) facing the net on a tennis court. A triangular pile of tennis balls is stacked alongside. The tagline: “Gotta match?”

“We wanted to communicate the fact that the series will consist of powerful, world-class tennis,” said agency art director Keith Fraser. “At the same time, we wanted to let the audience know it’s happening in their own backyards.”

The Southern Tennis Series, which kicked off this year with pro tournaments in Jackson and Hattiesburg, Miss., and other competitions across the state, is looking to establish a brand around which future marketing will be built.

Plans are in the works to expand the competition into other Southeastern states.

The poster, along with a corporate identity package, is being distributed at tennis and sports facilities across the region.