Margeotes Plugs Tribeca Film Fest

Celebrities and “ordi nary” New Yorkers act out their favorite movie scenes in new ads for the first Tribeca Film Festival, set to begin airing today.

The campaign, from Margeotes| Fer titta + Partners in New York, includes three spots and one movie trailer for the festival, which will take place at various locations in New York from May 9-11.

The spots feature actors playing New Yorkers, as well as Ben Stiller, Drew Barrymore and Danny DeVito. Stiller re-enacts a scene from Gladiator, Barrymore takes on Joe Pesci dialogue from Goodfellas, and DeVito channels Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.

“[The producers] wanted to make it a big embracing event that welcomed all New Yorkers and helped enliven the whole Tribeca area,” said Alison Gragnano, shop co-creative director. “They wanted it to be about people who love big blockbusters as well as small independent films.”

The festival, originally scheduled for 2003, was moved up after Sept. 11. As a result, Margeotes had to work at “breakneck” speed to complete the commercials, said Gragnano. The work was shot by director John Hamburg on the set of Duplex, an upcoming film directed by DeVito and starring Barrymore and Stiller.

The festival was created by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, who are both co-founders of Tribeca Films.

The estimated $1-2 million effort will run on New York network affiliates, cable channels such as VH1 and MTV, and at 50 movie theaters in New York.