MARC Goes Mad in Tribune Ads

MARC USA takes a page from Mad magazine, literally, in a campaign backing a new section of the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago shop’s print ads for the Tribune’s “Q” section, which is intended as a pro vocative and more relevant read for a youthful audience, can be folded to reveal a new message like the back page of Mad.

For example, one execution shows a couple on opposite ends of a couch above the headline, “Something to consider when you have nothing to talk about.” When tabs A and B are connected, however, the image changes to the couple sitting next to each other above the head, “Something to talk about.” A piece of modern art behind the sofa in the first image folds into the letter “Q.”

“It’s meant to be interactive,” said Bill Brichta, chief creative director at the agency.

The ads are running this month in regional editions of People, Parade and Chi cago magazine.

The fold idea is credited to copywriter Dave Cas sada, who executed it with art director Michelle Hoagland.

“Even if people weren’t aware of Mad magazine, it’s a clever idea and fun,” Brichta said. For those who are familiar with Mad, it links the Tribune section to a fun and irreverent periodical, he said.

Other ads in the campaign pose questions such as, “What is the weirdest thing you ever had to eat?” and, “Would you read someone’s diary?” All employ the line, “Q, Something to talk about.”