The Many Lives of This L.A. Agency Are Baked Into Its Home

Once the home of David Duchovny’s fictional character in the Showtime series Californication, this Venice, Calif., property is now home to PS260, a postproduction studio and editing company with clients like Omnicom, Google and JetBlue. With editors and clients constantly rotating through the space for meetings, conference calls and respites from the grind, PS260 is the perfect combination of a house, home and studio. And that’s no accident. “Part of our decision to grab this space was its aesthetic—the space screamed PS260. Two of our partners, Maury Loeb and J.J. Lask, took one walk-through of the place, looked at each other and knew in their guts this is where PS260 had to be,” said executive producer Carol Dunn. “The owner and his wife wanted to downsize, and with that came their hope to leave this house as intact as they could, so most of the furnishings, books and knickknacks remain, which we love. We found a space that fit our needs both professionally and aesthetically.” 


Pool Parties

“We’re keeping a tally on how many of our clients have ‘suggested’ we install a monitor right next to the pool with a feed into [my] office above so that they can watch cuts and make changes while relaxing poolside,” said Lask.



The team likes the feel of working in a house and wanted to leave as many aspects of home intact as possible. 


Bali Inspired

Architect David Hertz once lived in this home-turned-office with his family. His design was inspired by his surfing adventures in Bali.


Sound Lounge

Hidden speakers are all over the property, including in this outdoor fire pit area, which gets a lot of use by clients and staffers alike.



 PS260 left elements from the home’s original Balinese inspiration.



Clients use this chilled-out space for conference calls, but, according to Dunn, because it hasn’t rained since March, a lot of calls are taken on the roof deck that has views of Venice Beach. 

This story first appeared in the September 19, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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