man’s best friend

Colorado State’s Animal Cancer Center’s “Paws for a Cause” campaign is getting help from renowned artist William Wegman, the famed photographer who shot his weimaraner dogs Man Ray and Fay Ray.

The dogs, who inspired Rubin Postaer and Associates to create a 1999 Honda Odyssey minivan campaign featuring similar hounds, took on human qualities.

“She loved the camera. She was his model, his muse, his dog. They had a very successful career together,” university spokeswoman Karen Wheeler said of Fay Ray.

Both of Wegman’s dogs died of cancer.

As part of the effort to draw more attention to cancer in companion animals, images of Fay Ray will appear this month in national magazines in a public service ad entitled “ABC.”

Wegman’s photo was shot in 1994 and features Fay with three alphabet blocks atop her head. This shot originally appeared in Wegman’s biography of Fay Ray.