Management Shifts at DDB in Germany

DUSSELDORF – At Wensauer DDB Needham, Eberhard P. Wensauer has sold his 15% of the agency stock and passed on his position as chairman of the German group to Rolf D. Koerner who jumped ship from local competitor BMZ (ADWEEK, August 16). According to agency insiders, Wensauer is seen as a victim in connection with the tough times the agency has had with its biggest client, Volkswagen. Wensauer will serve as chairman in charge of new business of a newly formed management advisory council with no management controlling function until 1996. The new management group includes Koerner, Manfred Stadler as deputy chairman and coo, and Guenther Tibi, who was managing director of the original Wensauer office in Ludwigsburg. A creative chief has yet to be named. Separately, last week the agency announced new assignments from Henkel, MD Foods and Master Builders Technology.
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