A Man of the Pen

Dick Lord, chairman emeritus of The Lord Group, is taking a crack at it. Lowe Lintas & Partners’ Lee Garfinkel also has the urge. And now Peter Georgescu, former CEO of Young & Rubicam, is crossing over to become an author.

No, he’s not scribbling a juicy tell-all about the agency’s 1998 IPO or this year’s takeover by WPP. Instead, Georgescu and a collaborator are delving curiously into “morality in business.” The as-yet-untitled book is “past the 50 percent mark,” Georgescu says, and may be finished by the spring.

It will include anecdotes from his 36 years at Y&R, but Georgescu says it’s not a book about advertising. “I left the business,” he explains, adding, “Those kinds of books never get written.” He describes the work as a “different kind of book” that will share insights about the values and ethics of business. “It’s a process of discovery,” he notes.

As for the writing itself, Georgescu has not found it daunting, but does admit that the process of melding his thoughts into a single work is “hard conceptually.”

There’s not a publisher yet. But Georgescu, citing his “hubris” (only half-jokingly), suggests, “I can sell the book once I write it.” ETHAN MILLER/CORBISMARK WIENS/TONY STONEJ. CHRISTENSEN/NEWSCOM