M.A.N. of letters

The battle against domestic violence has a new ally—the office copy machine.

A pro bono campaign from Cramer-Krasselt for the Men’s Anti-violence Network (M.A.N.) and Employers Against Domestic Violence consists of a series of fliers that are meant to be downloaded from www.themangroup.org and posted in office break rooms, restrooms and copier rooms.

“It’s not something that’s talked about in the workplace unless you are an employer who has an abused employee,” said Brian Landauer, general manager of the Phoenix agency and a founding member of M.A.N.

The fliers are aimed at abusive men and abused women. One that is designed to be posted near a vending machine reads, “This machine isn’t meant to be kicked. Neither are women.” Another, designed for placement near a copy machine, says: “Unfortu nately, abusive behavior can be copied too.”

“The idea was to make this look like a grassroots campaign someone in the office started on their own,” said Landauer. “It sneaks up on you in very unexpected places.”