Mall Owner Consolidates at Huey/Paprocki

ATLANTA Huey/Paprocki has won the consolidated advertising account of CBL Properties, the client confirmed.

The independent shop won the estimated $10 million business following a review against a handful of agencies including The Johnson Group in Chattanooga, Tenn., Lucid in Atlanta and undisclosed contenders from Ohio and New York.

The Chattanooga-based client’s 160 properties include 55 malls in primarily mid-market Southeast and Midwest suburbs and cities such as Madison, Wis., Tampa, Fla., and Louisville, Ky.

Previously, CBL employed various agencies to handle projects for individual malls. H/P, the developer’s first lead agency, will be responsible for creating a single brand message. Some projects will continue to be handled by regional roster shops.

For the last three years, the company had positioned itself as a developer, owner and manager of “great shopping places,” said Barb Ivankovich, CBL’s vice president of corporate relations and mall marketing. She added that the decision to choose a lead agency was predicated on the company’s rate of growth.

“We’ve added five properties this year and renovated six,” Ivankovich said. “We recognized the need to combine our strategies.”

H/P is charged with creating a cohesive corporate image message targeting investors, consumers and retailers. Work, to break in first-quarter 2004, will include print, television and radio advertising in addition to corporate collateral.

“We liked their portfolio and the initial ideas [they presented] in terms of the retail world,” Ivankovich said.

Ron Huey, co-founder of the Atlanta shop, said malls face stiff competition from “big-box retailers” like Target and Walmart. What makes mall shopping different, he said, is the shopping experience and the broader selection. “The big box covers a lot of categories, but not a deep selection,” he said. “Beyond that, there needs to be an emotional hook.”

CBL is now H/P’s largest client. “In terms of agency growth, it mandates that we staff up,” said Huey, who expects to add four additional staffers.

CBL said it is the fourth-largest owner and manager of mall properties in the U.S.