Mall, Museum Pick WestWayne

WestWayne has add-ed the Florida Mall and the Museum of Science and Industry as clients.

Combined billings are estimated at $5 million, sources said.

“We’ve had offices in Tampa [Fla.] for nearly 20 years,” said Jeff Johnson, president of the Atlanta-based agency. “So we’re uniquely qualified to work with Florida businesses like these.”

Both accounts, which were awarded without reviews, represent some unique Florida challenges.

In Orlando, Fla., the Mall of Florida, operated by the Simon Property Group, is gearing up to face dramatically increased competition for tourist and residential dollars. Taubman Co., a rival developer, is scheduled to open its Mall at Millennia this October.

“It’s a preemptive challenge,” said Rob Iles, WestWayne’s director of brand planning. “How do we raise the awareness level and profile of the mall in the face of this new competition?”

Iles and his creative team have decided to focus on the Florida Mall’s huge size—it has seven anchor department stores.

“Size has a benefit,” said Iles. “For the tourist, it’s ‘I can get anything.’ For the residential shopper, it’s ‘I can find exactly what I’m looking for here.’ “

The shop’s upcoming print, radio and outdoor campaign is scheduled to break in September. Spot television buys in South Florida markets may also be a part of the media mix.

Outdoor is considered a vital medium, but breaking through Orlando’s clutter is not easy.

“This is one of the toughest outdoor markets anywhere,” said Iles. “There’s a lot of it and it’s very good. The theme-park stuff is eye-popping.”

Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry has “fallen below the radar” with tourists, said Iles. The intention of the agency’s upcoming print, outdoor and radio campaign will be to convince tourists to spend “an extra day” away from Florida’s theme parks.

The strategy, built around the tagline, “Inspiring kids,” will focus on the museum’s educational impact.