In a new marketing effort, Admerasia is letting potential new-business clients know how varied the world’s spices are–and how well the agency cooks with them.
The New York shop, which specializes in reaching Asian and emerging markets, created new-business kits, each shaped like a huge book and filled with six jars of exotic spices, and recently began sending them to companies. Each jar is labeled as containing an Asian spice, such as Japanese wasabi or Vietnamese lemongrass.
The labels also contain blurbs about each spice and its respective Asian culture. In addition, the box contains information on Admerasia and its sister shops, including Cyverasia. On the interior of the cover, copy reads, “Marketing in the U.S. is not just about salt and pepper anymore. You’ve got to know how to use star anise, turmeric and lemongrass too.”
The project was a joint effort between the shop’s creative and production teams. Said Connie Cheng, vice president of strategic planning and new business development, “Our agency wanted to find a creative and innovative way to attract and entice new business. Something that encourages them to stop and take a look inside rather than just tossing it in the garbage.”
–Simon Butler