Attendees of last week’s Dallas Producers Association gathering knew they weren’t in for a laugh fest.

The release promoting the event, after all, was less than uplifting: “What happened to our cheese? The production business has dried up, gone north and changed dramatically.”

DPA president Scott Hadden noted a number of contributing factors, including the ongoing national economic slump and the soft local telecom and information processing industries. In addition, many agencies are continuing to look for production resources elsewhere.

But not everyone in Dallas is suffering. Tony Miglini and co-principal Chris Smith are cele-brating the first anniversary of their Sugar Film Production.

“I couldn’t be any happier,” said Miglini. “About 75 percent of our business is coming from Metroplex agencies, but it’s all been on national accounts.”

The key is adaptability, Miglini added. “The budgets are smaller,” he said, “but it’s all about finding creative ways to shoot with less dollars while still making really great spots.”

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