A Major Restoration

Although only three years old, Propel Group in Dallas is feeling more historic these days.
Among its more creative ventures recently, the graphic design studio has decided to purchase and renovate the old Major Theatre in East Dallas.
“We saw an opportunity in economic growth, property values and the location,” just three miles east of downtown Dallas, said managing partner Darren Weirich.
The 11,500-square-foot building (including balcony) will house Propel Group and other tenants. The company will continue restoration work right up until the expected May 1 move-in date.
The preservation of the venerable theater is especially poignant considering the city’s infestation of 30-screen megaplexes has made most of the small neighborhood movie houses obsolete.
“We are grateful to be able to utilize the building in a way that it serves us and area businesses,” said Weirich. –Glen Fest