Mainstream Ads Lose Clout

NEW YORK A growing number of marketers believe that general advertising is no longer the most important component to a company’s overall marketing communications program, according to a survey commissioned by the Association of National Advertisers.

The survey found that just 30 percent of those polled believed that general advertising adds the most value to marketing programs, down from 51 percent of those polled in a similar survey done in 2003.

The survey, based on responses from 85 major advertisers, was released today at the ANA’s conference on integrated marketing in New York.

The survey also found that 67 percent of marketers develop integrated marketing programs across most or all of their brands, but only 33 percent said they are happy with their efforts. The biggest challenge to executing such programs successfully is the siloed corporate environment, the survey found.

According to 72 percent of the respondents, the most important contribution that ad agencies can make to integrated programs is coming up with the “big” creative idea that can be leveraged across all marketing channels.