Maimonides Medical Center “Thank You”

The testimonial of a satisfied customer can be a useful marketing tool for any brand. The testimonial of a customer who might be six feet under were it not for the brand’s services is apt to be especially potent. That’s the case with this spot for Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, via New York-based Della Femina Rothschild Jeary & Partners. We see an elderly fellow named Raymond Lazzara writing a thank-you letter to the medical center for the cancer care he received there. When a hospital boasts about how wonderful its staff is, we’re apt to dismiss this as the usual puffery. When we see and hear Mr. Lazzara praising the Maimonides people he encountered — everyone from the parking-lot attendant to his “great doctor, who explained
everything to me” — it makes an impression. And it lends credence to the motto that appears onscreen at the end of the spot, which tells us Maimonides is “Passionate about medicine. Compassionate about people.”
Indeed, the spot’s studiously unslick tone encourages viewers to regard this positioning as authentic. By the way, legend has it that the hospital center’s medieval namesake (who was, among other things, a physician)
treated Richard the Lionheart during one of the Crusades. Perhaps we’ll see Richard one of these days in the role of satisfied customer.–Mark Dolliver