Magicians Hope Ads Will Vanish

They say a good magician never reveals his secrets. Some are also willing to fight to stop others from making revelations they fear could damage their livelihood.
A coalition of magicians is urging advertisers to boycott the Fox network’s next installment of Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magicians’ Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, airing this week: a tough job, since the first show was the highest-rated special in Fox’s history.
One of the group’s most vocal members, Kevin Spencer, who runs Vanishing Arts in Lynchburg, Va., is leading a letter-writing campaign. He claims some success: Not one advertiser from the first show–which included McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and GMC–appeared on the second show in March. He is hoping to achieve similar results Tuesday night.
But is the campaign going to stop the show? Not if ratings are any indication of success. According to Arnie Semsky, worldwide media director for BBDO, advertising boycotts don’t always do the job.
“The reverse usually happens,” Semsky said, because controversy attracts viewers.
–Sloane Lucas