Magazines Bid Melancholy Farewell to 1993

NEW YORK – Women’s magazines for the most part are happy to see 1993 go. The year resembled something of an inverted bell curve, with 1st QTR booms shattered by lasting doldrums and some 4th QTR spikes. One publisher predicted all of ’94 will be like the roller coaster that was 2nd-half ’93. On food, said Wenda Harris Millard, publisher of Family Circle, ‘Any book that does business with packaged goods is understandably struggling, given the problems that the packaged goods industry is facing,’ namely private labels and generics. At Cosmopolitan, ’93 overall was down about 9%. New publisher Tony Hoyt, formerly of Redbook, said he has ‘sort of a gut feeling’ that things are starting to turn around, though everything’s still ‘very tight.’ Glamour came through ’93 flat overall. At Allure, the year was up 53%. Bazaar was up 57% in ’93, to 1,570 pages, said Carl Portale, publisher. Mirabella ended ’93 up about 3%, with good November and December, said publisher Rebecca Darwin. Self was up 4.5% for the year. December was off 3.5%. Vogue was off 19 pages for the year, ‘which we’re thrilled about because last year was the anniversary,’ said Anne Sutherland Fuchs, publisher. Seventeen was up 7.6% for ’93, according to Janice Grossman, publisher. At Family Circle, ’93 was down a little more than 9%, mostly due to a loss of half of their tobacco business.
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