Madison Promotes a Cover-Up

Kimberly-Clark’s Block-It Debuts in Print
ATLANTA–Six sa-tirical print ads for Kimberly-Clark’s new car cover, Block-It, utilize X-Files-like supernatural imagery to suggest the product has otherworldly powers.
Allegedly set inside the controversial government research facility Area 51–ground zero for UFO aficionados and conspiracy obsessives–the campaign from T.G. Madison in Atlanta kids the New Mexico testing ground’s top-secret reputation.
The work parodies the Area 51 legend while exploiting its mystique. Copy positions Block-It as an “out of this world” protection against sun, dust, wind, rain, snow, even bird droppings.
One print advertisement shows a vehicle under wraps and in the bull’s-eye of a flock of seagulls “inside Area 51 . . . at the Kimberly-Clark test facility.” Notes from the session read: “Bird attack confirmed. Zero car damage observed. Next time, must remember hat.”
Ads, tagged “Nothing on earth works quite like it,” began running in trade publications last week. Consumer advertising for the Irving, Texas, client kicks off in the December editions of Car and Driver and Road & Track.