Machado/Garcia Rolls Out Another Scion

ATLANTA Machado/Garcia-Serra/Publicidad has launched a new television ad for Southeast Toyota Distributors, the shop’s second for the client this year, the agency said.

The spot, which began airing Monday, introduces the tC model of Toyota’s Scion brand, the automaker’s youth-oriented unit, to the Hispanic market in the Miami area. The Coral Gables, Fla., shop created and produced the TV ads to launch Scion’s xA and xB models earlier this year.

The commercial follows a young man as he leaves work, shedding his suit and tie for jeans and a T-shirt and climbing into his Scion tC. He drives to a house, opens the garage door and joins a group of friends who have a garage band. The ad uses rock music from an original soundtrack created by the South Florida garage band Gnarly.

The ad will run on Hispanic TV networks in South Florida, including Univision and Telefutura. Radio spots will also air on several South Florida stations. The broadcast campaign will continue through the end of the year. Media spending was not disclosed.

Promotional events at Toyota dealerships are being planned but have not been finalized, said Manuel Machado, chief executive officer of the agency.