‘M’ is not for meditz

Even The Amazing Kreskin couldn’t have predicted the new name recently chosen by Marquardt & Roche/Meditz & Hackett.

In an “extraordinary reverse ego move” that agency president Howard Meditz called “wackier than it is admirable,” M&R/M&H has been renamed Marquardt and Roche & Partners, despite the fact agency founders Jim Marquardt and Ed Roche retired in 1995.

The Stamford, Conn., agency had used the lengthy M&R/M&H moniker for four years, even after the recent departure of creative officer Tom Hackett.

Why isn’t Meditz’s name on the door? “We find value in the name Marquardt & Roche. We like the culture that they started in 1970 and we’d like to continue to associate with it,” he said. To announce its new name, the firm hired psychic The Amazing Kreskin to entertain employees, clients and friends at a party at Le Chateau in South Salem, NY last Friday.

“I think the whole topic of agency name changes is a perverse one,” said Meditz. “People in the industry seem to do this regularly, and the best way to present it to the client and the public is to make light of it.”

John Coletti