M-CARE Tends to Inner and Outer Selves

CHICAGO Copper gives life to people’s subconscious in a new campaign for M-CARE, the University of Michigan’s hospital network.

In two 30-second television spots from the Kalamazoo, Mich., agency, which broke last week, the campaign depicts how people must fight against their lazier inner selves to remain fit and healthy.

In one spot, a female prepares to jog, while her inner self—shown as a woman in poor shape—tries to talk her out of the healthy activity. “Why are we doing this? It’s cold out. Let’s just stay inside and watch TV,” the out-of-shape woman grumbles. As the outer woman takes off on her run, the inner psyche responds by lighting a cigarette before the commercial closes with the M-CARE logo and the tagline, “Conquer the unhealthy you.”

“These spots are designed to show that we’re here to help our members take better care of themselves, before they’re actually sick,” said Tim George,director of marketing at M-CARE, in a statement.

The campaign, which targets women between the ages of 25 and 54, will run in Michigan through November.