Lyon Gives Orthodontia a Sense of Humor

DALLAS Braces aren’t fun. That’s the theme Lyon Advertising uses in a new television campaign for EZBraces, an orthodontics practice that specializes in straightening teeth quickly.

Is it counterintuitive? Not according to Doug Lyon, founder of the Austin, Texas, agency. “People are responding to the honesty,” he said. “We’re saying they’re not fun, but you should come here because it’s a lot quicker.”

The Taylor, Texas-based chain claims it can reduce the time patients need to wear braces by using a new metal and a technique in which teeth are pulled in multiple directions at the same time.

In one 15-second spot, the camera captures the cabin of a fire truck in which a dispatcher says, “Be advised we have a young female barricaded in her room—it’s picture day at school.”

In another 15-second ad, a truck’s lights are trained on a lake at sunset. After a few seconds of only the subdued sound of the countryside, someone inside screams in pain.

Both spots end with bold type that states, “Braces aren’t fun,” then cuts to the logo’s accompanying copy, “EZBraces, The Quick Version.”

“We wanted to have a lot of fun with scenarios that aren’t fun,” Lyon said. “We love this idea because the whole campaign is based on one simple shot that tells the whole story.”

The campaign broke in Austin on Sunday and will start running in EZBraces’ other markets, Taylor and San Antonio, later this month. Radio, direct mail and a 30-second spot will also be released soon.