Lycos Tries ‘Inspiration’ from Hill, Holliday

BOSTON — Terra Lycos is set to unveil a new TV push tonight for its Lycos brand, eschewing its two-year-old “Dig into it deeper” positioning for a new thematic direction.

The campaign’s overall theme is ‘Inspiration,’ although that word never appears.

A 30-second spot, crafted by Boston’s Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, will air during CBS’ broadcast of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” The spot opens with a man sitting front of his computer searching Lycos’ site. The camera pans into the computer screen and takes the viewer through a safari, a bustling stock exchange, a busy street in Beijing and a tennis tournament featuring Lycos endorser Anna Kournikova.

A voiceover says, “Immerse yourself in the only Internet destination vast enough, vivid enough, varied enough to explore all the worlds you live in.” The spot closes with descriptions of the Web surfer as a world traveler, investor, sports fan, and, finally, an explorer. There is no tagline.

A second similarly themed 30-seond spot is set to break Sunday.

The campaign will run over the next four weeks on network and cable stations with a budget of at least $5 million, a Lycos representative said.