Luckie Debuts Latest TV for Little Debbie

ATLANTA Luckie & Co. will introduce two TV ads next week in its year-old “My Girl” campaign for snack-food marketer Little Debbie, the agency said.

The 30-second spots will run on network morning shows, various national cable programs and the PAX Network through March.

One of the ads promotes the company’s family snack packs. It features a group of boys who appear to be serenading a girl with a prepubescent rendition of the Motown song “My Girl.” Actually, the boys are serenading the girl’s mother, who is seen unpacking Little Debbie snacks from a grocery bag. The spot ends with the girl and the boys together on the front lawn sharing the treats. A voiceover states, “Nothing sounds as good as a Little Debbie snack.”

The other commercial supports individual snacks that are sold in convenience stores. The ad uses a series of quick cuts of shoppers at a Little Debbie display, each singing his or her own version of the song “My Girl,” while the clerk and several other customers watch on the security monitor. The spot ends with the voiceover, “Little Debbie. Unwrap a smile.”

The Birmingham, Ala.-based agency did not disclose the media budget, but Little Debbie spent $10 million on ads last year and about $2 million through June 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Luckie has been Little Debbie’s primary agency since 1978. The shop introduced the current “My Girl” campaign last fall.