Luckie Captures a Lion at Cannes

Luckie & Co. won a bronze Lion for its Alabama Tobacco-Free Families media campaign at the 49th International Advertising Festival in Cannes, France.

The Birmingham, Ala., shop was honored for its innovative broadcast, print and direct-response efforts to convince low-income pregnant women to quit smoking.

“If they were pregnant and smoking, it meant current messaging wasn’t working,” said Luckie executive cd Martin Buchanan. “We had to strategically target a soft spot in their psyches. We decided to appeal to their selfish side, what having a sick child would do to them monetarily and to their lifestyle.”

Jay Waters, Luckie’s director of communications planning, developed a strategy that would impact women who were often beyond the reach of traditional media. Waters had posters (underwritten by the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and the National Institutes of Health) put up in phone booths and laundromats around the state. He also set up a program in grocery stores that issued a coupon for the program’s Quit Kit whenever a woman purchased a pregnancy test.

“We used alternative media to hit these women at places that made sense,” said Waters.

More than 6,000 women requested the kit, which outlined a week-long plan to quit smoking.

“The first time I saw the concepts, I knew we were on to some good work,” said agency chief executive Tom Luckie. “Something with good legs and marquee value.”