Lubars Lures Goodrich To Fallon

Award-Winning Copywriter Heads To Minneapolis To Rejoin Old Boss
BOSTON–It took more than six years and dogged persuasion, but freelance copywriter Kara Goodrich is leaving New England. Fallon McElligott creative director David Lubars convinced Goodrich to move to Minneapolis, where on Nov. 1 she will join Fallon as associate group head, working with group creative head Chris Robb on the United Airlines and Nestea accounts.
Lubars joined Fallon earlier this year from BBDO West in Los Angeles, where he was president and chief creative officer. “I wanted her to come with me to L.A., but she said L.A. was too sunny . . . I was able to assure her she wouldn’t have that problem in Minneapolis,” said Lubars, who hired Goodrich in 1992 to work at now shuttered Leonard/Monahan.
“It’s a great opportunity to work with someone I really respect at an agency with a long-standing reputation for great creative work,” said Goodrich. “It’s a unique opportunity to try something different.”
While at Leonard/Monahan, agencies across the country attempted to lure Goodrich away from New England. She refused to entertain offers, however, steadfastly maintaining that she had everything she wanted at Leonard/Monahan.
Goodrich resigned from the Providence, R.I., agency to begin freelancing in February, shortly before the shop closed its doors.
In addition to freelancing for Fallon, Goodrich has worked for Arnold Communications on the just-released Wellfleet campaign for Ocean Spray Cranberries, DDB Needham on Bayer and Wieden & Kennedy on Microsoft.
With 13 One Show Pencils, 11 Hatch gold prizes and a pair of Kelly Award nominations for clients such as Polaroid, Corp., Garelick Farms and Bauer in-line skates, Goodrich has long been one of the region’s most sought-after copywriters.
Goodrich said the decision to move out of the region was a tough one. “I love New England. I know that in the past I’ve been impossible to move out of the area, but this was a special set of circumstances that seemed almost too perfect to turn down. But I could see myself returning to New England some day. I’ll miss a lot of people and a lot of agencies there.”