Lowe Looks to Spur Sex Museum Attendance

NEW YORK Lowe is hoping sex sells in two TV spots for the Museum of Sex, the first campaign for an institution dedicated to the history and cultural significance of sexually motivated phenomena and behavior.

The New York museum, which opened last year, is a relatively new entry in a city full of cultural institutions. A representative for the New York agency said that while museums seldom advertise on television, competition is growing for people’s leisure time. The museum is one of the first reaching out to a mass audience, the rep said.

The spots show a middle-aged couple studying different works in distinctly different venues. In the first ad, the couple wears headphones and hears historical details about a 17th century painting and then, in another gallery, a piece of modern art. In the final shot, the couple wears headphones while watching a film clip at the Museum of Sex. The couple is visibly more intrigued by the grunting, groaning and animal noises of the third offering.

In the second spot, the couple makes their way through the same gauntlet, while the man comments, “I could never do that,” in appreciation of the artists’ skills. While watching the Museum of Sex film, his wife pipes in, “You could never do that.”

“The Museum of Sex. The most stimulating museum in New York” is the tagline in both spots.

The spots began airing Thursday on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, in addition to local programming on NY1 and MetroTV’s Single in L.A., Naked N.Y., Strictly Personal and Matchmaker.