Lowe Lintas Breaks MassMutual Campaign

BOSTON–Coping with uncertain outcomes throughout the stages of one’s life is the focus of a multimedia campaign, breaking Monday, for MassMutual Financial Group.

Three TV spots and four print ads created by Lowe Lintas & Partners, New York, make up a four-month, $10 million campaign to promote MassMutual’s various financial products and services. The tag: “You can’t predict. You can prepare.”

The effort represents the first image campaign for the client by Lowe Lintas, which picked up the Springfield, Mass.-based client last February following a review.

In one commercial, rock musician Joan Jett appears in a frog-and-fairy tale storyline to communicate how MassMutual can help women through many events in their lives, including school graduations and milestones like hitting the “glass ceiling” in the working world and starting one?s own company.