Love Is In The Swissair For European Travelers

Paradigm Communications in Tampa, Fla., is breaking its first campaign for new client Swissair. The ads, promoting a four-day European travel package, begin appearing today in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
Paradigm’s four print ads mix romance with spontaneity to entice Swissair’s target market–adults 28-55 with household incomes of $80,000-plus–to spend $569 for a four-day jaunt to Europe. Swissair hopes the campaign will spark off-season travel from November to May.
“While money isn’t a problem for [the target], time is a problem,” said Paradigm president and creative director Sharon MaHarry. “They can’t fathom taking weeks off from work.” Developed by the client, the European Escape package includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations for three nights and daily breakfast. An arrangement with American Express knocks $50 off the package for those who pay for the trip with an AmEx card.
One ad (shown above) challenges men to impress their significant others. The “Roses are for rookies” headline is backed by body copy contending that memories from a continental weekend will last “long after flowers would have turned to dust on her dresser.” Featuring a shot of the Colosseum in Rome, another execution again puts the pressure on men: “Calling all knights in shining armor.” The other ads give a nod to unpremeditated urges: “Europe at a what-the-heck-let’s-go-now price” and “How about a trip to the theater this weekend?”
The challenge facing Paradigm was working within the limits of Swissair’s ad layouts. “Creatively, they have an international page personality that we had to conform to,” said MaHarry, who worked on the campaign with art director Bill Hornstein and copywriters Brian Arndt, Rebecca Flora and Mike Matson.
Paradigm won the $2.5 million Swissair account in August.