In Love With Food: Furr’s Edible Complex

Rick Johnson & Co. in Albuquerque, N.M., has broken a new campaign for Furr’s Supermarkets that gets right to the heart of why people shop there: the food.
Bypassing storefronts and customers, the new $1.5 million campaign for the Albuquerque grocery chain focuses strictly on the edibles in the aisles.
Rick Johnson, the state’s largest agency, has produced 13 television spots that each shine the spotlight on one piece of food with a humorous narrative to carry the action. For example, a head of lettuce is seen careening toward the viewer before a voiceover exclaims, “Iceberg, straight ahead!”
“With all the different messages supermarkets are putting out there these days, we felt like it was time to get back to what Furr’s does best, and that’s food,” said Tim Galles, creative director at Rick Johnson. “We decided to focus on the individual foods people love, giving the campaign a very clean look.”
The simple food shots include peppers, doughnuts, cheese and ice cream. The tag for each of the spots is: “You love food. We love food.”
Outdoor and radio support the television effort. Radio ads continue the concept, featuring customers who pledge loyalties to specific foods, such as pie or pasta. For example, an amateur musician sings the blues about his lost pork chop.
Billboards actually bring people into the picture, including an execution where a rodeo cowboy is riding a giant watermelon. In another, a rock climber is scaling a mountainous piece of Swiss cheese.
“We wanted to make a connection with our customers,” said Frans Wester, Furr’s vice president of marketing services, in a statement. “We feel like this campaign does the job in a fresh, unique way, and it’s something we can build upon in years to come.”
The campaign will run throughout New Mexico, plus the El Paso, Texas, market for the remainder of the year.