Lottery Sharpens Satirical Edge

BOSTON When contemplating how Massachusetts State Lottery winners might spend their new-found wealth, cars, homes and cruises come immediately to mind.

A pair of TV commercials from Interpublic Group’s Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, however, suggest—with tongue firmly placed in cheek—two very different, lottery-related items winners would enjoy.

One spot, “Victory Vest,” shows players drawing attention to themselves via shoulder-mounted electric signs that read “Winner.” A second ad, “High-Five Helper,” introduces a spring-mounted appendage for those whose hands become sore accepting overly enthusiastic congratulations.

The executions break this week.

The lottery’s tagline, “You have to play,” remains from past ads.

Chief creative officer Kevin Moehlenkamp, who worked with group creative director Spencer Deadrick and creative directors Kevin Daley and Mark Nardi, guided the effort.

The client spends about $3 million annually on ads through the Boston-based agency, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

—Adweek staff report