Lottery Goes Poolside

Fabio makes a television appearance in Austin Kelley Advertising’s latest campaign for the Georgia Lottery.

The Interpublic shop in Atlanta will launch three 30-second spots for the new Mega Millions game on Nov. 14. The work will be seen on broadcast and cable channels throughout the state under the tagline, “With money this big, why not?”

The effort brings back on-camera talent Wendy Melkonian and John Newburg as “Marcy” and “Jeff.” This time the happy couple has won so much money they can hire Fabio as their pool boy and personal lifeguard.

In “Bored,” director Mike Wang of Synergy Films in Atlanta trains his camera on Fabio as he sits poolside with nothing to do but check his tan lines. The shot widens to include Marcy and her girlfriends staring from the kitchen window. “Nice work, Marcy,” says one.

The same actors appear in “Saved My Life.” Pretending she can’t swim, Marcy jumps in the pool, patiently gulping water as her hero puts down his copy of Nietzsche to “rescue” her … for the third time.

According to AKA executive creative director Jim Spruell, Fabio is “inheritently funny and available.”

Marcy’s husband appears in “Diving Lessons.” Fabio, less bored now, bullies Jeff off the swimming pool’s diving board.

Said senior copywriter John Spalding: “Fabio’s been doing cameos in a lot of movies lately. They were always funny bits, so we knew he would get the jokes in our spots. He just nailed it.”