A LOST TABOO: Like It or Not, Expect to See a Lot of Clinton in Ads

The torn-out clipping from The New York Times excerpts a diary of a Clinton outing in Santa Barbara, including a stop at the Nugget Bar & Grill: ‘Ate a hamburger and drank a Moosehead draft beer.’ Small type at the bottom of the ad (via New York’s Weiss, Whitten, Carroll, Stagliano) makes the most of this: ‘Make no mistake about it, our new commander-in-chief definitely ordered a Moosehead.’ Some readers will look askance at a beer ad (for a foreign brand, no less) that takes such liberties with the nation’s new leader. But it’s a safe bet that advertising will make more use of Clinton than it ever did of Bush. Having positioned himself as an accessible leader (in contrast to his White Housebound predecessor), Clinton has inevitably made himself more accessible to agency creatives as well. The already weak taboo against using the president to sell products has now all but died.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)