It’s a familiar problem (and the subject of a classic Seinfeld episode). You park your car in a huge garage, spend a couple of hours in the mall and return to discover that you have no clue where you left your vehicle.
The Shops at the Prudential Center in Boston asked roster agency Trinity Communications to help solve this dilemma. With 2,700 spaces, five levels and multiple elevators, “the garage is very complicated,” said Trinity account executive Heather Ross.
The Boston agency tackled the assignment by creating maps and asking 15 staffers to test them out first hand.
The maps helped overcome one problem: figuring out which elevator to use to return to the correct area of the garage. Some still had trouble locating their vehicles, however. “I got lost,” admitted account executive Karen Ciulla.
The staff went back to the drawing board, creating large maps to post at the elevators along with take-away cards to remind shoppers of their car’s locale. The new directories should be up in time for the holidays.
–Lauren Wiley