losing your shirt

Women in chilly climates may balk at the idea, but a Frederick’s of Hollywood campaign that breaks this week tells women it’s OK to leave your shirt at home and go parading around in your underwear.

The effort, created by Fraser Communications in Santa Monica, Calif., includes provocative outdoor ads that show women wearing corsets along with their blue jeans. The theme of the work, which is slated to run until March, is “Own the night.”

“When you wear Frederick’s out to clubs or parties, you own the night—you are the sassy, sexy, fun one that attracts everyone’s attention,” said the shop’s president and CEO, Renee Fraser, who noted that the campaign was shot in the chic Los Angeles night spot The Ivar.

The idea, she said, is to add a dose of hipness to a well-established brand name and challenge arch rival Victoria’s Secret.

“We want to send the message that Frederick’s is a hip, cool place and Victoria’s Secret is where your mother shops,” said Fraser.