Lord Doesn’t Follow Form for Savin

NEW YORK A $2-3 million print campaign for copier marketer Savin Corp. that broke Monday goes to bat against major competitors like Canon and Xerox by taking emotional aim at decision makers.

The Lord Group in New York tags a series of four ads with “Savin works here” in an effort to connect IT professionals who choose network copier platforms with the Savin dealers, said Richard Rapp, agency president.

“It’s a big category with a lot of big spenders,” said Rapp. “How do you stand out and how do you do something different than the feed-and-speed” copier category pitches that focus primarily on the machines’ functions?

The Lord Group’s strategy was to craft ads that show the dealers at work, rather than the copiers. The campaign’s tagline, “Savin works here,” is meant to communicate that the machines and the dealers have a role in the business, Rapp said.

Savin Corp. spent about $2 million on ads last year, according to TNS/CMR. Cannon spent $101 million and Xerox spent $58 million on ads in 2002, according to TNS/CMR.