Lord Of The Birds

A stork runs (or, rather, walks) amok in The Lord Group’s new TV spot for the March of Dimes, which uses the baby-stork myth to practical effect.
The New York shop’s spot for the White Plains, N.Y., client shows the calm, collected bird spooking employees at an office. The copy warns that “sometimes a pregnancy can surprise you” and that women should take multivitamins with folic acid before pregnancies to prevent their children from having birth defects.
The idea was to get young women’s attention and get in the message, said Penny Redfern, art director/associate creative director. But the stork, which was wild (though a trainer was on hand at the shoot), may have had other ideas.
“It was such a weird shoot, because the whole environment on the shoot was spontaneous,” said Redfern, adding that the actors improvised their reactions. “They didn’t know what the hell [the stork] was going to do.”
Though the stork flapped its wings ominously during the shoot, which was filmed in a Los Angeles office building (“We prayed a lot,” noted Redfern), surprisingly, it did not make a mess.
The spot breaks during the first week of May, for probable placement on network and cable.
–Simon Butler