Loomis Rebrands Casino Magic Biloxi

DALLAS The Loomis Agency promotes the amenities of Casino Magic Biloxi in its first work for the client breaking April 1.

The 30-second TV spot begins with a finger-snapping, tux-clad lounge singer voicing the virtues of Casino Magic Biloxi with lyrics like “We do all the little things that make you feel like a king” and “We have a whole extra special kind of style.” As he sings under a spotlight, the commercial cuts to flashy showgirls dancing in sequined costumes, then a smiling bellhop carrying luggage. It also shows two guests welcoming the room-service cart, while a waiter downstairs serves a sizzling lobster dinner for two. The spot ends with a super of the casino’s phone number and Web site.

The agency decided to promote the casino’s unparalleled level of service because it is a point of differentiation, said Carl Thompson, senior vice president and director of strategic planning at the agency. “Casino Magic Biloxi may not be the biggest casino or have the most glitz, but we want to show they’re the best when it comes to service,” he said.

The campaign, which introduces “Casino Magic Biloxi, your host on the coast” as the new tag, breaks in Biloxi, Miss., Pensacola, Fla., and New Orleans. The same spot, minus the gaming scenes, will run in Mobile, Ala., where state law restricts the showing of gambling devices in commercials. A 20-second spot is also in the mix; it is similar to the brand spot but is designed to feature ongoing promotions.

The $4 million campaign from the Dallas shop also includes radio, outdoor, interactive, direct mail and print components.

Thompson said his shop is charged with rebranding the casino to better compete in the crowded Biloxi gaming market. Thompson said prior to working with Loomis, the client employed small, local creative and media boutiques.

The Loomis Agency also represents the casino’s sister property, Boomtown Casino & Hotel in Bossier City, La. Pinnacle Entertainment of Glendale, Calif., owns both properties.