Loomis Plays Bank Ads for Laughs

DALLAS Century Bank will break two spots from The Loomis Agency that use humor to draw attention to the bank’s services, the shop said.

The 15-second commercials break Monday on cable around the bank’s Texarkana base on the Texas-Arkansas border, the agency said. Print ads will also tout the client’s seven-day-a-week lobby hours and instant reimbursement of ATM fees.

In one of the spots, entitled “Nature,” an Aussie-accented nature guide talks to the camera as he spreads branches of a fir tree: “We have to be very quiet. During the mating season, the males can be very competitive.” The branches open to a scene of two bears playing Ping-Pong, with the winner doing a celebratory dance. “What’s more amazing than this?” a voiceover asks. “How about a bank that’s open seven days a week. Century Bank. Let us amaze you.”

The second spot, “Birthday,” shows a mom and dad coaxing their 1-year-old to blow out the candle on his birthday cake. The tot blows and the cake ends up on the faces of his parents. “What’s more amazing than this?” the voiceover asks. “How about a bank that pays all your ATM fees instantly.”

“Century Bank is positioned as a friendly, neighborhood bank that’s all about exceeding customer expectations,” said Loomis account supervisor Scott Brown. “Our creative has some fun with that premise and takes a light-hearted approach to selling Century Bank’s advantages.”

Loomis, an independent in Addison, Texas, will break two additional spots for the client in late April.