Loomis Now Working on Palm Beach Tan

DALLAS The Loomis Agency will break new ads in October for Palm Beach Tan after winning the tanning chain’s account, the agency said.

The shop won the business, a new assignment, following a review in which it beat independents Slingshot and Firehouse, both in Dallas, according to Loomis.

Billings are estimated at $3 million, sources said.

The Dallas shop’s October ads will use Halloween themes, depicting a stylized Count Dracula and other seasonal characters with tans. PBT is a fast-growing chain of shops whose owners seek to dominate the category, said Loomis execs.

In addition to hiring Loomis, the client said it named Blanchard Schaefer Advertising & Public Relations its PR firm.

“Pam Beach Tan is becoming one of the best providers of tanning and tanning-related services in the world,” said PBT CEO Bill Spae. “Blanchard and Loomis’ marketing efforts will enable us to support and build this position.”

Blanchard has been charged with creating and leading PBT’s national and local PR efforts. In addition, the Fort Worth, Texas-based shop will counsel the client on its strategic branding, store development and training development.

Loomis will be responsible for the client’s creative and media, as well as placement of print, TV, radio and in-store materials. The agency will also oversee Web development and execution, as well as local store marketing and special promotions.