LookSmart Upgrades Paid-Search Product

NEW YORK Internet search company LookSmart said this week that it has added bid-for-placement functionality to its paid-inclusion LookListings product.

The enhancement means that advertisers can now reach consumers via specific keywords or relevancy-based inclusion targeting—or do both—in the same paid-search listings campaign.

The listings are distributed across LookSmart’s partner network, which includes Lycos, Mamma.com, CNET Search and Cox Internet, among others. LookSmart’s 32,000 advertisers, among them Bank of America, Days Inn, eBay, Federal Express, Hewlett-Packard and Nestle USA, will be migrating to the new system.

LookSmart CEO Jason Kellerman said the improved product would give advertisers “greater control, convenience and potential cost savings.” He added that the enhancement would secure the San Francisco-based company a stronger position in commercial search, a burgeoning segment that is projected to grow from about $2 billion by year-end 2003 to approximately $5 billion by 2006, according to Piper Jaffray.