Looking Good In Indianapolis

Six years ago Young & Laramore erected an outdoor board for Ossip Optometry that featured a pair of eyeglasses made from junk.
That has become a landmark in Indianapolis, so a sequel had to be really impressive. And heavy.
The agency’s new Ossip outdoor extravaganza is a 3,000-pound structural steel sculpture of an eye, with a clock filling in as an iris. “When was your last eye exam?” asks a headline.
The board is a large-scale version of Y&L’s print ads for Ossip, which feature eye sculptures with a variety of items–baseball, bicycle wheel, etc.–used as the iris.
It took several days to put the board in place, thanks to inclement weather and the ad’s heft, said Paul Knapp, Y&L president. The board had to be reinforced with steel cross beams to support the weight of the eye. Second Globe, a Y&L affiliate company that created the print ad sculptures, also handled fabrication of the much, much larger version.
–Scott Hume