'Look-Look' Eyes Youth Market

Lambesis Veterans Position New Service as ’24-Hour Culture Cam’
LOS ANGELES–Youth market research in the 21st century may “look” entirely different.
“Look-Look,” a self-described “24-hour culture cam,” is out to forge a new path in youth culture research.
The Hollywood, Calif.-based startup was founded earlier this month by Dee Dee Gordon, former editor of the much-hyped youth market research tool L Report while at Lambesis, and Sharon Lee, former director of strategic planning at the Del Mar, Calif., agency. The venture will provide information about the 14- to 30-year-old market in a real-time, online environment via a subscription Web site, www.look-look.com, due to launch in the first quarter.
“[Look-Look] is the first real-time information network [for this market],” said Lee, who serves as co-president with Gordon. “The speed of information has changed. By the time you publish it, it’s too late. It shouldn’t be so much work to get this info.”
The company will rely on a network of 500 correspondents in the U.S., Europe and Asia for its information on youth “trendsetters” and on those in the “mainstream.” The online tool targets advertisers, agencies and other clients who need information on such categories as youth fashion, entertainment, music, psycho-graphics and spending patterns. A separate consulting division will offer brand development, marketing programs and custom research.
“We want to be the Reuters of youth culture,” said Lee.
Former Lambesis account supervisor Claudine Murphy rounds out Look-Look’s management team. She joins as executive vice president.
At Lambesis, Gordon’s duties on L Report will be absorbed by other staff members, according to agency executive creative director Chad Farmer. Lee will not be directly replaced, he said. The shop has hired director of planning and research Claire Brooks, as well as trend forecaster Michelle Ponce. L Report itself is also undergoing some changes.
“The agency needed a more core-traditional approach,” said Farmer, who cited client needs as the motivation behind L Report’s new approach. The report has also expanded to include London and Tokyo in its territories and will become “more user-friendly through digital means,” Farmer added. K