Advertisers strive to be as hip as their audiences, and Square One did just that recently by turningindie filmmaker.

The Dallas agency created several shorts on a “low-to-no” budget similar to those of the audience of young auteurs at this month’s renowned South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas.

Talk about cheaptalent: all four shortsfor client and festival sponsor Miller Lite starred beer bottlesas actors.

In the “Horror Film” spoof, a band of blithe long necks, moved by unseen hands likepuppets, decides “to go sleep in the cabin where those people were brutally murdered last summer.” In campy, black-and-white, Blair Witch-style footage, the long necks are beset by a monster (also played by a nonunion bottle) and barely escape withtheir lives.

Other spoofs, which were shown before various screenings atthe festival, included”Renegade Cop,””Bad-Ass CEO” and “Romantic Comedy.”

“Kind of weird, butour creative guys loved doing it,” said agency partner ErnieCapobianco.

All four shortscan be viewed at