Living It Up With Cox

BBDO South Surveys Client’s Digital World
ATLANTA–After providing essentially one product–cable television programming–during its first 34 years in business, additional services added over the last four are the cornerstone of a major advertising campaign breaking this weekend for Cox Communications here.
The effort is the first significant advertising produced for the client by BBDO South’s executive creative director, Art Mellor, since he joined the Atlanta agency last summer from BBDO’s New York operation.
“In the last four years we’ve added local phone service, Internet access and digital TV,” said Ellen East, director of public affairs at Cox Communications. “We have a lot of history to overcome.”
The overall theme of the BBDO South advertising campaign–which will incorporate television, radio, print and outdoor media–is: “Now you’re living.”
“Our campaign strategy is to demonstrate that Cox is more than just a cable company by positioning them as your personal connection to the exploding world of digital entertainment, information and communications,” said Chris Hall, president and chief executive officer of BBDO South. “We’re pulling Cox’s communications approach together and elevating their reputation as a world-class digital communications brand.”
The television commercial, produced as a 60-second spot with a 30-second version, opens with shots of people in various settings. As the ad progresses and the narrator begins discussing the client’s products and services, some of those same people are now watching television, working on their computers and talking on the telephone.
The voiceover narrator concludes with the idea: “If you’re going to nurture your soul, you have to know what to feed it.”
The TV ads get an extra push as part of Cox’s “HBO free preview weekend” promotion.
“We believe this campaign will establish a new, personal and cutting-edge image for Cox as a full-service communications presence,” said Virginia Gray, client vice president of marketing. “Most consumers still think of Cox as a great cable TV company, and we want them to know we’re a cutting-edge link to the world of digital entertainment, information and communications.”
Among those earning campaign credits are executive creative director Art Mellor, copywriter Carlos Ricque, art director Matt Whitfield, agency producer Tina Cairo and director Antony Hoffman.